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We support various industries such as:


Electronics Assembly


Industrial Appliances


Aerospace / Defense

General Industry

Our Products

UV Adhesive/Coating

Help optimize the speed of automated assembly and increasing product throughput.

UV Curing System

Reduce your manufacturing costs and increase through put.


Ideal for use in all kinds of industries.

Preeflow Dispensing

Preeflow stands for precise, purely volumetric dispensing of fluids.

About Us

UV Light Technology Sdn Bhd (UVLT) is an authorized distributor for Dymax, Wacker and ViscoTec in Malaysia. Our main product categories are UV Adhesive, Coating, Silicone, Sealant, UV curing system and dispensing solutions. We offer complete solution to our customer from adhesive selection to accurate dispensing solution and methods of curing with UV lamp.

Benefits for using our services

Encompass Technologies – Colour changing technology upon full cure and Ultra-Red flourescing for better inspection of bond line.

Extreme tempt limit of +210C & -70C silicone material for encapsulant, sealant, potting application.

Progressive cavity system technology is a true volumetric dispensing of microdots and independent of material viscosity.

We’re here to help you

We are always ready to assist you with any questions you may have in mind